Safety While Using Steroids

While steroids may have many beneficial effects for their users they are equally as harmful.It is therefore advisable for users to exercise caution when using steroids to avoid exposing their health to danger. Abnormal levels of testosterone may lead to conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, liver damage, heart failure, etc… If you are using anabolic steroids to enhance your physique and performance you should put your safety in mind before anything else.


Your first cycle should contain testosterone because it is naturally produced in the body. This paves way to gauge how your body reacts to exogenous anabolic steroids. However, excess testosterone can affect cell organs and body functions.

Do not take anabolic steroids if you are under 25. Whether you have been lifting weights for five years or more taking steroids before 25 is not advised. This is because hormone levels rise between the ages of 12-25 in men. Therefore introducing steroids at this point will be counterproductive.

Beginner weight trainers should not consider using steroids until they are at more advanced level where they have made optimal use of their natural ability. If at all you are using steroids for the first time make sure you have done a background research on the risks and side effects that come along with using steroids. Short acting steroids clear quickly from the body and are therefore convenient in case you find that you do not like the results.

For first time users it is recommended that you take things slow because at this point you have no idea what body can cope with. Preferred duration of cycles should be at maximum 4 weeks.

Hormones that your body is already familiar with such a testosterone are among the safest option at this point. If you dive into using a lot of steroids at once you might end up experiencing unexpected side effects and it will be hard to detect the steroids causing them.

Alternatively, it will be a bit difficult to determine which steroid had a good effect on your body.

Injectable anabolic steroids are not alkylated and are not stressful to the liver Consider safety using steroids and keep off strong anabolic steroids…