A Short Guide To Parabolan Pills

If you want a simple and easy way to gain weight, Parabolan is the way to go. This steroid is the brand name of Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and it is considered one of the best mass-building steroids on the market.

A Little History

Parabolan was first manufactured for cattle use. The steroid was intended to make cattle gain muscle mass by increasing appetite. However, the steroid also seemed to work just as well on humans. For a very short time, it was retailed under the trade name Finajet and Finaject but it was quickly pulled off the market. At present, it is used only as a veterinary drug and it cannot be purchased for human use.


During its short period on the market, Parabolan was medically recommended for muscle wasting diseases. It also seemed to work on malnourished patients by improving their appetite and causing rapid weight gain. However, due to its powerful steroid-like action, the medication was frequently used to elicit physique changes and improve athletic performances. It also seemed ideal for bulking, increasing muscle strength and to accelerate muscle recovery. Apart from muscle definition, the steroid also seemed to deepen fat loss. Users reported a lean physique with increased stamina and more energy. This quality was very attractive and in high demand. In fact, this fat loss effect of parabolan is still the most attractive feature of the drug. Competition bodybuilders still prefer to use this steroid to get back into top shape during competition season.

Dosage And Cycles

Parabolan online is available in the form of an ampule and it is usually injected in a muscle for maximum effect. Users can start with a small dose of 30mg and then increase to about 300mg per day or every alternate day. Ideally, a small dose of about 20mg to about 30mg is perfect for beginners. This can be taken every day or every alternate day. Once a high dose of 100mg or 200mg is reached, the dose is then tapered off over a period of eight to ten weeks. Some beginners can also extend the dose to about twelve weeks to ensure a slow muscle gain and lesser side-effects. For users who have already tried Parabolan, a starting dose of 75mg every alternate day is fine. This can be increased to about 100 to 150mg and then tapered again over a period of eight to fourteen weeks to create a bulked up look. Users are advised to add 100mg per week of Testosterone propionate to provide an external source of testosterone during Parabolan use. An advanced cycle for Parabolan is also possible. In this cycle, users can start with 100mg every alternate day or 100mg every day. Oral Winstrol has to be added to this cycle to ensure a balanced result. This cutting cycle is recommended only in users who want rapid muscle gain and fat loss due to competitions.

Buy Parabolan

You can get Parabolan for sale online. You should know though that US pharmacies do not sell it to US customers. If you want to ship to the US, we recommend purchasing small amounts from European and Asian chemists. These online websites do not require a prescription and they sell in bulk. Start with a small purchase and verify the product and its purity. If you are happy with the product, you can then buy in bulk. Most Asian pharmacies do sell high-quality Parabolan at a really low cost but brand names may vary considerably. Verify the brand name and the purity before purchase. If you do your research properly, you’ll get a good deal on your supply of Parabolan and it will be shipped directly to your home.