About Andriol And Its Side Effects

What is Andriol and what are its side effects? Is it legal and where can you buy it? Let’s answer those questions.

Andriol is a steroid that helps people who want to build muscle, increase strength and get massive pumps. If you want to learn more about the drug, then read on.

What Is It

Andriol for sale is basically oral testosterone and if offers men a way to keep their testosterone levels high, all without injecting needles. In fact, doctors often prescribe Andriol to men who have low testosterone levels. This is one of the reasons athletes turn to it. What makes Andriol different than most other supplements is it doesn’t cause a lot of side effects. However, it needs to be used with cautious because abusing it can results in a number of unwanted side effects.

Side Effects

The steroid doesn’t usually cause a lot of side effects. Nonetheless, it has the potential to lead to heart problems. If you decide to use the steroid, then make sure you consume plenty of omega fatty acids and don’t do a lengthy cycle.

It suppresses your body’s natural testosterone production. This is what happens when you use any anabolic steroid. When you stop taking Andriol, then there’s a good chance you’ll feel tired, lack a sex drive and you will lose some muscle mass. This is because your natural testosterone levels will be low compared to what they were while you were taking Andriol and before you started taking it.

It converts to estrogen. If you don’t use an estrogen blocker while taking Andriol, then you could experience unwanted side effects such as mood problems and gynecomastia.

Is It Legal

It is legal but only available via prescription. If you don’t have a prescription for it, then you can’t buy it. The steroid is considered a control substance and it’s treated as such.

Where To Buy It

If you have a valid prescription, then you can purchase it at just about any pharmacy. This includes online pharmacies, but other than that it is very hard to buy it. This is because of legal requirements.

Andriol is powerful, but it’s not worth taking. The rewards don’t outweigh the risks involved with using it. Choose a legal alternative because Andriol alternatives work just as good.